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The Life Span Perspective of Development

The Life Span Perspective of Development During the life, people change significantly with references to their physical appearance and characteristics and with references to their mental and emotional progress. The life span perspective of the human development is based on the idea that a person moves through several stages of development during the whole life (Berger, 2011, p. 7).Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The Life Span Perspective of Development specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Thus, certain changes are typical for the definite stages of life, but it is also important to pay attention to the individual character of experienced changes because all the people are different. From this point, the life span perspective aims to explain the human development with the focus on separate phases completed during the whole life; and all the stages of the human development are taken into consideration in spite of the fact that the followers of this perspective a re inclined to determine phases according to different criteria. The Aspects of the Life Span Perspective of Development The life span perspective of the human development is characterized by the complex approach to analyzing all the aspects of the people’s changes observed during different life stages. As a result, it is possible to speak about the multidimensional character of the approach because all the aspects are discussed in their connection. According to Berger, the human development presented as the life span is multidirectional, multicontextual, multicultural, multidisciplinary, and plastic (Berger, 2011, p. 10-18). This statement means that it is irrelevant to discuss the human development as started at one point and moving to another one; or as dependent only on one context, including only the family or social status; or as dependent only on one culture. The people’s development is the complex process because a person is influenced by a lot of environments, cultures, and situations during the life span. This person interacts with many people belonging to different cultures and ethnic groups and develops the specific personal traits during the whole life (Berger, 2011, p. 10). Each detail associated with the person’s life, such as the family, socioeconomic status, and character, matters to explain the aspects of the person’s life span development. Freud and Erickson’s Theories of Life Span Development There are many theories of the life span development which differ in criteria according to which psychologists determine different stages of the people’s life. Freud and Erickson’s theories are similar in focusing on the age-related steps, but they are different in criteria to state the fundaments for the stages’ progress. Thus, Freud’s theory depends on a range of psychosexual phases because the theorist is inclined to associate the man’s sexual nature with the psychological develop ment. Freud concentrates on the childhood as the period when a child experiences some crises which determine the oral, anal, phallic phases, and the period of latency. These periods lead to the genital stage lasting during the adolescence and adulthood. According to Freud, the stages depend on the centers of pleasures important during different stages (Berger, 2011, p. 43-47). As a result, the human sexual nature is chosen as the criterion to propose the life span stages.Advertising Looking for essay on psychology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Erickson’s theory is based on the social aspect. If Freud’s theory depends on psychological crises associated with the sexual development, Erickson’s theory depends on psychological crises associated with the people’s social interactions. Erickson states that people move through a range of stages during which they are impacted by the peculiarities of the environments and interactions with people. People’s activities and behaviors during different stages are explained with references to their attitude to their society and personal interactions. As a result, at different stages, people are influenced by the conflicts between their identity or independent life and society which can be represented as the family, relatives, friends, and other people (Berger, 2011, p. 51). Interaction of the Heredity and Environment A person can be discussed as an individual only with references to the unique combination of the heredity and environment’s impact on his or her development. Today, scientists cannot provide the single opinion on the role of nature and nurture in the person’s development because it is impossible to state what factors affect the personal development drastically. Heredity makes people different in their appearance and physical qualities when nurture makes people different in their vision of the world , education, and lifestyle. It is important to note that nature and nurture are in ongoing interaction to affect the person’s individual development. The unique complex of the genetic material and environment produces a unique person who should be discussed only with references to combination of heredity and environment (Berger, 2011, p. 9). Inherited qualities should be combined with the environment’s impact to influence the individual’s development. Conclusion The life span perspective of the human development depends on the idea that people move through many stages during their life, but this movement should be discussed as the multidimensional process rather than as the linear movement. Such aspects as the interaction of nurture and nature can influence the person’s development significantly because various inherited qualities or life situations can affect the people’s life differently. Reference Berger, K. S. (2011). The developing person thro ugh the life span. New York, NY: Worth Publishers.

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Sustainable Management Futures (indivdual assignement ) Assignment

Sustainable Management Futures (indivdual assignement ) - Assignment Example EADS and BAE made all of their assets to move to the newly established company. At present, EADS holds 80 percent shares of Airbus, whereas BAE holds 20 percent shares of the company. a supervisory council has been established to look into the operation of airbus. This committee is actually a shareholder committee and consists of seven members only. In this committee five members come from EADS, while the remaining two come from BAE. The committee is responsible for approving budget of Airbus (Airbus, 2010). This shareholder committee also helps in making and implementing investment strategies of the firm. Later on Airbus significant effort has been made to reorganize the company to build several centers of excellence with an aim to earn profit. Each of these centers is authorized with the power of making their own manufacturing and buying policies relating to the production of different parts of aircrafts. They are allowed to make subcontract in order to reduce costs. This kind of o perational set up has been chosen by this aircraft company as for this industry, this policy seems to be the most effective way of building and maintaining profitability. Presently, airbus has four subsidiaries which are authorized to take their own operational decisions. These subsidiaries are airbus of North America, Airbus of China, Airbus Japan and Airbus Transport International. It is a very profitable company and presently it offers its supports more than 3000 aircrafts with 250 operators. Airbus has a mission of providing those aircrafts that are best suited to the current needs of the market along with supporting all these manufactured aircrafts with services of the highest quality. It holds the vision of listening to their customers’ needs and responding accordingly. This paper will make an attempt of examining sustainable management of airbus which operates on a multinational ground. First of all a rigorous analysis of the political, economic, social and technologic al aspects associated with the company will be conducted. Then focus will be placed on environmental aspects that the company should take under consideration. The paper will also discuss the major drivers that have forced the company to take into consideration various environmental aspects while forming its operational policies. This paper will also discuss sustainable management strategies of Airbus along with considering the benchmark requirements. Finally it will analyze the impacts of these policies. PEST analysis and analysis of Environmental Factors associated with Airbus operation: The essential items to deal with the global strategy (based on the PESTEL analysis): Political analysis: Airbus has always been the source of economic activities such as jobs, technology development, ancillary companies and spin offs. Therefore EU has provided Airbus its assistance throughout. Since Airbus is a European consortium of French, German, Spanish and UK companies, therefore EU has served it full-fledged since it a support through tax breaks, financing, loan guarantees and research and development support. In 2001, in one of the reports from European Association Of Aerospace Industries, it is seen that there have been at least 4,35,000 jobs in the aerospace sector of Europe, with 1.2 million jobs being supported directly or indirectly by the industry. There has been a friction in the relationship between US and

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Legal Environment of BUSINESS FINAL EXAM Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Legal Environment of BUSINESS FINAL EXAM - Essay Example On the other hand, the article contains guarantee for fitness of goods for the right use (Ferrari 43). This implies that the seller of a product should assure the buyer that the product will serve the intended purpose. In this case study, the seller bought software online from Ace Inc. according to Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code, the buyer is entitled to enjoy products of merchantable quality and the product should serve the intended purpose (Saxon 93). However, it appears that the buyer has no problem with the quality and performance of the product. The buyer discards the software because the seller has offered it at a higher price than another seller of similar product. Therefore, basing my view on article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code, I believe John (buyer) has no reason for discarding the software because the seller has met all the requirements as stipulated in the article. John was supposed to examine different prices offered by different sellers in order to decide on where to buy the product. The fact that John bought the similar software from a different company implies that what Ace Inc met the warranties of merchantability and fit for the purpose (Ferrari 71). Also, these warranties apply to John because he bought the software from a company that was operating in the same field of business. According to the law of contract, the buyer owes the seller duty of acceptance of the product and payment of reasonable price (Ferrari 112). Therefore, John should accept the software and pay a reasonable price for the products. In case the buyer feels that the price was unfair, he should petition the court to decide on what the fair price will be in this situation. Question B: sale of goods Contracts The contract is for the sale of goods as stipulated in English Sale of Goods Act 1893 (Saxon 154). A contract for sale of goods involves an offer and an acceptance. In this case study, Ammco made an offer to sell merchandise worth more than $500.00 to Erm a. According to the requirements of the contract of for sale, Erma agreed to purchase the merchandise in writing hence fulfilling the contract requirement that sale of goods exceeding $5 should be in writing (Ferrari 154). The contract involved two parties, the seller and the buyer. In addition, the consideration of a contract for sale of goods should be in monetary value, and this was fulfilled in the case study because Erma agreed to pay more than $500. The contract for the sale of goods determines the moment when transfer of property in goods takes place because this determines when the risk in goods passes to the buyer and remedy available to each party in case the goods are damaged. This contract did not follow the actual procedure of forming a contract. The additional information given by the seller to the buyer constitutes a counter offer hence the contract is voidable at the will of the buyer (Ferrari 187). This implies that the contract will be formed between the buyer and the seller the moment the buyer will accept the new conditions stated by the seller. Should the buyer agree to pay for insurance and cost of freight, then there will be a conclusion of a contract under Cost Insurance and Freight (C.I.F). Under C.I.F contract, the buyer has a right to accept the merchandise only if the merchandise meets the specifications stipulated in the contract. The goods on voyage are at the buyer’s risk since the seller insured the goods on his behalf. However, if the

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Social constructivist model Essay Example for Free

Social constructivist model Essay This theory is based upon the idea that children are ‘empty clay tables’ (Tabula Rasa) and that they are capable of being moulded and shaped by adults. It was first developed by the philosopher John Locke (1632-1704). People who work in this way are known as ‘behaviourists’. Transmission model sees people as passive and that they learn through experiences. The transmission model concentrates on nurture and not nature; it is split into two main components, learning theory and sociallearning theory. Classical conditioning: Pavlov (1849- 1936) worked with dogs, he fed them when the church bell rang or a light was flashed. The dogs salivated when they were fed; eventually they salivated at the sound of the bell or when a light was flashed even if no food was given. This is called the conditioned response. Operant conditioning: skinner the psychologist (1904- 1990) developed Pavlov’s work more and concentrated mainly on modifying and shaping behaviour. He did the same thing by feeding animals but only rewarded them with feed if they did as he asked. This acted as positive reinforcement. So he did the opposite if they did not do as he asked he would give them electric shock which acted as negative reinforcers. This theory accepts basis of learning theory but emphasises that children learn behaviours through watching adults and imitating them, especially those close or important to them. Children can also learn by imitating other children. A well known social learning theorist was a man named Albert Bandura (1925- ) he found that most behaviours are learned through observation. For example aggression, sex roles or sharing. The social learning theory emphasizes the fact that adults need to show acceptable behaviour towards children as they will model their behaviour e. g. if and adult shouts and gets angry at another adult then children are likely to model this behaviour towards others, and vice versa.

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Sex Education in American Schools Essay example -- America Public Scho

Every year in America, one million teen girls become pregnant and at least three million teens become infected with an STD (Donovan, 1). Though these numbers slightly fluctuate, problems facing American adolescents today, like HIV/AIDS, other STD’s, and teen pregnancy. This means that some needs to change. These problems will decline when sex education is revamped everywhere in America, by making the curriculum completely comprehensive in addressing problems facing adolescents today such as teen pregnancy, STD’s, rape, pressures and emotions dealing with sex, and give teens good communication skills. Right now teachers approach these subjects on their tip toes, dance around the issue, and not fully give out all the information. Meditation. To find out what needs to be change we should look at what is being taught. In Levine’s book, Harmful to Minors, she discusses the curriculums being taught in public schools today, by breaking them down into two categories. Abstinence-only and abstinence-based. Both of these programs do teach about health, physical education, home economics, and biology, but both can really differ when dealing with the different â€Å"sensitive† issues. Abstinence-only education, promotes postponing sex, but when it comes to issues like contraception, it is taught how affective it is, but not where to get it. Abstinence-only curriculum promotes more education through the family, instead of through school. Some abstinence-only curriculums do deal with comprehensive issues, but mainly try to avoid the subject. Some teachers even make up lies to try and scare kids away from sex. Abstinence-based is more comprehensive. The curriculum does promote that abstinence is the only 100% full proof method, but ... ...’s. Numerous sexual partners later, she found out she had Chlamydia. These are great examples when comprehensive sex education is needed. Kids will be kids, and kids have sex. Educating the youth will only have them making wiser decisions and protect themselves. There is no doubt that change is needed. Comprehensive sex education is the answer. Informing the youth will have positive repercussions for not only the youth, but for society in general. Evidence does not lie. Abstinence-only education does not work, and there is no evidence that supports it. Comprehensive sex education does not give adolescents the wrong ides. They already have the wrong idea, but still America doesn’t get it. Educating is the only way we have a fighting chance. When the youth has all the information and resources available, they will make informed responsible decisions.

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Microeconomics Homework

Patent is defined as the bundle of rights of an investor or his assignee to have â€Å"exclusive rights† granted by the state for a fixed given time in trade for a discovery of an invention ( 2008: 1). Based from this definition of patent, it is already clear that an individual can have the freedom to solely produce a certain good given that he/she invented it. This sole production of an individual or a firm triggers for the existence of monopoly in the market. Monopoly requires only a single producer and many buyers. Therefore, with the aid of patent, an individual can easily engaged into monopoly since the government would provide that said person legal protection and privilege to be the sole producer of a certain good after a specific period of time. This legal protection of a certain invention serves as the barrier for other people to reproduce it other than the inventor or his assignee. As for the case, due to the discovery of sucralose as a substitute for sugar the state awarded Tate & Lyle its property rights over sucralose leaving them the sole producer of the said products. Since the company is the sole producer in the market of sucralose, it turned out that the company already created monopoly in the market. Other market players can only start to produce sucralose only by 2020, which means, no other market entities will be able to supply the market with the said product other than Tate & Lyle for the next 12 years. Using examples from the data, explain why firms take out patents. It was identified and stated on the given case that the production of artificial sweeteners in the market is very profitable to a point wherein almost 20 percent of the total profit of Tate & Lyle comes from their production of sucralose. Tate & Lyle is already on the process of putting more manufacturing plants to further increase their production capacity to supply the high demand of artificial sweeteners in the market which eventually to the acquisition of more profit out of their production. This high profitability in the monopoly of Tate & Lyle of sucralose made other firms in the market to eagerly find ways to enable them to also produce artificial sweeteners in the market legally. Even if the patent becomes expired by 2020, the demand of artificial sweeteners will be high enough to accommodate the entry of other producers of artificial sweeteners in the market. In addition to this, since Tate & Lyle charges high prices on their artificial sweeteners, industries that use artificial sweeteners as one of their inputs wanted to take out the patent rights of Tate & Lyle to lower down the price of artificial sweeteners in the market as competition step into the market. Although artificial sweeteners are already cheaper as compared to conventional sugar in the market, industries would still want to further lower down its prices by infusing market competition through getting rid of Tate & Lyle’s patent rights over the production of artificial sweeteners in the market. Discuss whether patents in the artificial sweeteners market lead to market efficiency or market failure. Read also  Homework Solutions – Chapter 3 Although not implied directly on the given case, but certainly, the existence of patent rights to Tate & Lyle causes failure in the market. Price of artificial sweeteners would not be that high if there is competition existing in the market. Consumer welfare will surely improved if price level of artificial sweeteners in the market would go down. There will also be enough room for those companies that uses artificial sweeteners to minimize their production costs, thereby leading to cutting of the prices of their products. In this regard, it is clear that it is not only the consumers that will be benefited by the removal of patent rights to Tate & Lyle but also other firms that use artificial sweeteners as a factor of production as substitute to the conventional sugar in the market. Yes, it is true that the discovery of artificial sweeteners provided benefits to the market as a replacement to sugar, but that benefits can still be further improved if its prices will be controlled by market competition and not by simply monopolizing agent who’s goal is to on how to increase their profit through utilizing the bundle of rights that was given by the government. But on the other side of the coin, of the government would remove property rights to those who will discover something new in the market, there is a big possibility that they will be de-motivated to have an initiative to conduct researches and make inventions since it will be easily copied by other firms in the market thereby defeating the initial purpose of conducting research – provide ways to improved the market position of the company. Well, this scenario is inevitable since the government would still have to protect the interest of the consumers as well as the inventors. As an alternative to solve this problem of improving the quality of welfare of both parties, the government could provide patent rights to a certain company but with a condition of setting floor price or price ceiling in order to protect the interest of the consumers as well as the company itself. Works Cited (2008). What is Patent [online]? Available: [Accessed 1 March 2008].   

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The Use of Jail as a Dumping Ground for the Mentally Ill and the Failures - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1426 Downloads: 2 Date added: 2019/03/18 Category Analytics Essay Level High school Tags: Failure Essay Did you like this example? The absence of emotional wellness ailment has kept on declining as I would see it. Because of people who experience the ill effects of a psychological maladjustment and left untreated, many are captured due to their ridiculous conduct; the prison has fundamentally turned into a dumping ground for the rationally sick. As per the NY Times article Psychological instability, Untreated Behind Bars, a gathering was held at the White House and the point in regards to the rationally sick was drawn out into the open. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "The Use of Jail as a Dumping Ground for the Mentally Ill and the Failures" essay for you Create order An individual from the National Sheriffs Association expressed that the rationally sick has filled our correctional facilities yet it would be ideal if successful treatment was given to those people (The Editorial Board, 2017). The leader of the United States has recognized that jail is the wrong spot for a rationally sick individual and that his organization would endeavor to address this issue. One great begin that the article referenced is broadened the general wellbeing framework into the correctional facilities and jail (The Editorial Board, 2017). As expressed previously, emotional wellness is an issue that presently cant seem to be fathomed inside nearby correctional facilities and penitentiaries and has expanded because of the way that the essential factor regarding why they have wound up in prison or jail was a result of their untreated hostile direct. Sheriff John Layton of Martin County raised the worry about the rationally sick being imprisoned, expressed, Frequently rationally sick individuals are imprisoned, not on the grounds that they represent a danger to open wellbeing, but since their practices are irritating to officers and people in general. Of the 2,300 detainees in his district, an expected 40 percent experience the ill effects of psychological maladjustment, almost 8 million a year is spent on dealing with the rationally sick (The Editorial Board, 2017). To break this cycle with regards to the rationally sick, numerous regions have or will sign the Stepping Up activity which is supported by the Council of Sta te Government Justice Center, the National Association of Counties and the American Psychiatric Association Foundation (The Editorial Board, 2017). The reason for the Stepping Up activity is to enable neighborhood offices to create strategies for lessening the number of individuals with psychological instability in prisons (The Editorial Board, 2017). Simply a year ago, Congress passed the Comprehensive Justice and Mental Health Act, which approved a large number of dollars for state and nearby endeavors to lessen detainment of the rationally sick and furthermore grows treatment for the individuals who are returning back to society (The Editorial Board, 2017). With these strategies being passed, its principal objective as expressed before is to lessen the rate of the rationally sick from going to jail. In spite of the fact that the wrongdoing submitted by the rationally sick may have been crazy or deadly, despite everything it ought not to deny them with the most proper, viable treatment. Examination of the Failure Issues that rung a bell while perusing the news article was the absence of preparing the Officers are given while drawing in with the rationally sick. In the article, one officer expressed, regularly rationally sick individuals are imprisoned, not on the grounds that they represent a danger to open security, but since t heir practices are irritating to officers and people in general (The Editorial Board, 2017). I thought it was intriguing that the officer supported putting a rationally sick individual to imprison because of his conduct being irritating. To me, that just demonstrates the absence of preparing officers to get for managing the rationally sick since they follow up on dissatisfaction. In the event that I needed to put a fault on this issue, I would state that the legislature assumes a major job about why the framework has fizzled the rationally sick. The motivation behind the administration is to build up equity for all, to ensure the privileges of the nationals. They can authorize laws and make laws that are reasonable for the residents. In spite of the fact that, the president knows about this issue and has tended to it, it turns into an issue that has been brushed under the floor covering. In spite of the fact that my news article was not explicit regarding who to fault for this issue, one article agreed with me as officers as one of the components because of the absence of pr eparing they have got when managing the rationally sick. The correctional facilities are running the biggest emotional well-being healing facilities and they dont know it. The rationally sick needs greater treatment alternatives than simply imprison however without the correct rule regarding how to deal with a circumstance like this and add the absence of asset accessible, it is hard to determine this issue. In the event that specific arrangements are not set up, officers will keep on doing what they are prepared to do. With everything taken into account, the rationally sick is a delicate theme and in addition a troublesome errand to comprehend because of the unpredictability of the issue. Edmonson said it better when she expressed that frequently transient arrangements are regularly utilized for complex issues. The writers in this article examined the expense of psychological instability and substance use for people who are in treatment. The information for this examination originated from a three-year investigation of 203 people who are selected in some kind of treatment. With everything taken into account, they found that viable treatment of substance maltreatment among the rationally sick seems to decrease detainment. The creators likewise discovered that lodging could lessen the quantity of capture with respect to the rationally sick. This point, in spite of the fact that examines rationally sick prisoners would not be a decent source to pick up data from. The article goes way out of my subject while examining the elements and cost in the lawful framework. This would not improve my theme for the basic certainty that it is out of point. Finn, P. (1989). Organizing Services for the Mentally Ill Misdemeanor Offender.Social Service Review,63(1), 127-141. The creator gives some suggestion with respect to how the medicinal services office and the law authorization can work together to shape a superior framework concerning the rationally sick. Periodically, policed officers will in general transport wrongdoers who may experience the ill effects of a psychological sickness. Generally, the procedure for an officer to concede a wrongdoer to an emotional well-being office takes some time because of an assessment, which is the reason numerous officers will, in general, take the guilty party directly to prison to spare time despite the fact that the correctional facility isnt prepared to treat the wrongdoer. The creator isnt just putting the fault on law implementation yet additionally the human services offices for not getting included with the criminal equity framework. The creator trusts that with the best possible social administration organizations and office executives, new methodologies can be produced by existing systems to build up their very own game plan with the police concerning taking care of the rationally sick crime guilty party. Petrila, J. (2013). Psychological wellness courts may work, yet does it make a difference in the event that they do? In R. L. Wiener and E. M. Brank (Eds.). Critical thinking courts, 133-146. The creator talks about the psychological wellness court and how it tends to be effective. The creator presents three contentions with respect to how the psychological well-being court has been effective. In spite of the fact that my point talks about rationally sick detainees, my spotlight isnt exclusively on the emotional wellness court in this manner brin ging about this article as not being strong of my subject. This presents article will probably examine if either the psychological well-being courts work and if so it even issues? In spite of the fact that there is some essential data in this article, I dont have the correct data that will bolster imprisons as dumping ground for the rationally sick. References Clark, R. E., Ricketts, S. K., and McHugo, G. J. (1999). Lawful framework association and expenses for people in treatment for extreme psychological sickness and substance use disorders. Psychiatric Services,50(5), 641-647. Finn, P. (1989). Planning Services for the Mentally Ill Misdemeanor Offender. Social Service Review,63(1), 127-141. Petrila, J. (2013). Emotional wellness courts may work, yet does it make a difference on the off chance that they do? In R. L. Wiener and E. M. Brank (Eds.). Critical thinking courts, 133-146. Commented on Bibliography Clark, R. E., Ricketts, S. K., and McHugo, G. J. (1999). Lawful framework association and expenses for people in treatment for extreme psychological maladjustment and substance use disorders.Psychiatric Services,50(5), 641-647.